Wide web sites and data reports design. Incremental inserts into web sites/reports.

Web site compiler creates static view of databases for operation from a CD, disk or web server. Internal links solver let a wide range of indexing methods. A set of Javascript routines brings features such as keywords search engine or popup helpers even from CD.

As a component of a software package, WBB is a fast and powerfull instant web report. Performs SQL scripts on local database or through ODBC. Create and display HTML report, then exit.

NOTE 2006 : WBB history began while 3 important companies needed transparancy between on and off line communication. It can be objected that dynamic languages such as asp jsp php are more reliable. Thus, WBB is a simple opened language which serves a unique architecture. The need to provide CD web sites forced a lot of asynchronous functions to be added. During the years of its developpment, wifi didn't exist yet and most internet connections were 56K modem. Actually, as the software is very stable and brings friendly function such as preview, safety, storing of old versions, DB reports without using local web server, wbb.exe (command line arguments). It became a unique tool to maximize website visibility from search engines and creating a CD site or USB key site....
Thank you to send comments to lionel.herzog@wbase.net?subject=WBB

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