Signal Cooker Demo beta

SignalCooker Demo is a small signal analyser working with wave files.

This page is still in translation. If you experience a dead link, please check out the french version which looks identical and click the same link. Sorry for inconvenience.

Extremely fast, executable size less than 100Kb. It doesn't require any setup and only need to be copied on windows desktop or usb key, then launched by drag & dropping a wav file on its icon.

SignalCooker opens the wav file passed as argument and displays its wave form or its spectrum. Then move within the raw signal with arrow keys or mouse. FFT Spectrum analysis is by default 4096 samples wide, Hanning window. Energetic peaks are displayed in the side list with their precise frequency with aliasing correction, power and corresponding midi key.

wave shape

History, concept
SignalCooker is a development tool helping developper to watch the signal spectrum with an FFT window located with an extreme precision in time. Some marvelous software such as StudioVib (r) permit almost any type of calulation on a specific signal but none of these let us watch incidence of window position and overlap on measuring real time signal or sound. Cooker diplays the data as it's returned to a higher level algorithm in an automated sequence. Testing can be done by reading values on screen and parsing the signal with fast keyboard shortcuts instead of 3D or color layouts which are quite approximative. For this purpose, Cooker has no known equivalent. Thus, it also includes signal process algorithms that were used in a VST component which had no display at all. Measurement precision could be tested as well as parsing concept, using its orginal display layout. Calculation, overlap, parsing of unfinite streams to detect or schedule events are the goals Signal Cooker focuses on.

SignalCooker is not...

  • A voice reconition software. It analyses a sound signal in a comparable way but especially target musical or sound design purposes.
  • A vibration analyser, difference between these domains are subtle but significative.
  • A measurement software : because never been validated by any instance, calculated values are believed to be accurate but absolutely no garantee is given. You will have to make tests to check its precision in your context and make your own opinion about its usage. For professional or formal needs, please check commercial specialised software.
  • A beginner friendly tool. SignalCooker been written by developper for developpers usage or engineers with a good knowledge of computers signal processing and sound. For standard treatment such as recording, mixing, converting sounds, please check out Audacity, Winamp, Wavelab, Cubase... SignalCooker will never replace these applications, but can be an helpfull additional tool.

SignalCooker is functional for spectrométric analysis. Other functions are under construction and may lead to unanticipated results... SignalCooker works in stream mode and loads only the part of a wav file needed for measurement (usually 4096 samples), if the signal buffer is filtered out or corrupted, original data can be retreived by typing left arrow then right arrow.   SignalCooker opens the wav in read only mode and then should never corrupt the original file.

Once on the windows desktop, just drag and drop a wav file on its icon.You can install Cooker as a standard wav reader but it will not be as clever as Media Player or Winamp, thus, drag and drop appears more appropriate

If you launch Cooker by double click on its icon, it opens a file selector on C:\*.wav

Once the wav file is selected, it is fully scanned and its waveform is displayed in the cursor ruler
Left and right arrows move the cursor and view by half an FFT window (2048 samples) in the raw signal.

  • Shift + left or right arrows move back or forward by 1 millisecond
  • Control + left or right arrows move back or forward by 1 sample

Timestamps in minutes, seconds et millisecond are displayed for both the start and the end of signal window.
"S" key switch display in spectrum modepasse en affichage spectre,
"R" key back to raw mode
In spectrum mode, "L" key toggles between linear ou logarithmic curve display.

Zoom FFT : Type "D" to show a default Zoom from 0 to 1600hz.
Type "W" for 0-100 hz, "X" for 0-1600 hz or "C" for 0-10khz, to activate lowpass IIR filter (you can see the result on spectrum curve) and initialise Zoom to these values.

Attention, you will have to type D again to quit the zoom mode and go back to spectrum or raw. While in Zoom mode, you can type R to display the zero padded zoom buffer . but in all cases, display will stay in Zoom mode until D is typed again.

">|" button simply parse wave from cursor to end of file. It gives an approximation of how fast is current analysis mode. Displaying curve counts for a lot of the process time, so a slow parsing may be faster when in real time blind mode.

Type Shift + P (play) to extract and play 2 seconds of signal starting at the left of displayed signal window, Or "P" to play buffer contents or block contents (v 1.0 only). These functions create a temp wav file and call you wave player - by défault, WMediaPlayer or sometimes Winamp or any other stating that its the player declared in your windows. Temp file is currently located on C:/(root).

Thanks to support SignalCooker, give your feedback to Une licence illimitée aux contributeurs sympas, utiles, courageux ou psycho-compétents.


SignalCooker screen shot


To install SignalCooker, drag and drop .exe from zip to your desktop.
To launch SignalCooker, drag-drop a wav file on its desktop icon.
This program been tested on XP. It should work as well on Vista but no one has tried yet. Thanks if you try running under vista, to give a feedback .. (57 052 bytes)

  • 1re version en download

Télécharger (57 443 bytes)

  • AJOUT Scan du wav visible au démarrage
  • FIX Affichage des courbes fft linéaires magnifiées
  • Petit changement sur la correction de l'aliasing dans le calcul des fréquences

Télécharger (58 397 bytes)

  • FIX : fenêtre 4096 (2048 auparavant)
  • BUG : Zoom calculs fréquence faux (attendre prochaine version)
  • Toutes les fréquences sont désormais gérées, bien meilleure précision fréquentielle aux fréquences de sampling élevées
  • Correction de l'aliasing dans le calcul des fréquences

Download (57 864 bytes)

  • Fréquencies calculation much more precise
  • Zoom is now 1600 Hz wide by défault

Need some testing waves ? Browse in the wave repository archive

Licence : La version téléchargeable ici est une demo limitée dans le temps. de prochaines versions repousseront cette limite donc lorsque votre copie aura expiré, revenez simplement télécharger la nouvelle ici. Les conditions de licence au delà de la demo ne sont pas encore définies. Il y aura de toutes façons une version téléchageable et utilisable immédiatement et sans conditions, plus - peut-être - une version payante.