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Quidbase Project state overview
Page creation : 2001 - last update : 2006

  • Quidbase is an object oriented contact database to fit diversity of professional contacts. contacts can fit different roles : customer of a product can be a prospect for another product and expert in a third product. Processing particular cases is the main Quidbase original feature.
  • Build-in web generator creates instant complex reports in web format with detailed page-layout. Fully automated data export to word processors or spread sheet.
  • Properties affected to different contacts, requests and reporting system fully customizable to fit any activity needs. Many activities can be mixed together in a single database instance.
  • User friendly interface with advanced search functions, statistics and calculations.
  • Imports data from any spread sheet, synchronizes different distant bases via query and import functions.

All necessary helpers to provide interoperability between object data and grid data are fully fonctionnal. Import and export makes data synchronous with non-object software.

Quidbase has been used within two software packages in commercial conditions. Its generic abilities have been used for contacts management in small business and analysis tool in a wide financial information system.

Object oriented database became popular with solutions such as Zope, other hits from the open-source world and business intelligence. Quidbase does not implement a full-academic OOD model but solves recurrent limitations in traditionnal database programs. Some information take real advantage of object oriented data model while some other do not. Quidbase has been developed under commercial conditions. Thus, most of its fonctionnal is user-friendly helpers built on a strongly analysed generic data model.


Quidbase includes WebBaseBuilder database service.

QuidBase contact property window